About me

Welcome to my blog!

My goal is to elegantly capture your special day. My style is unobtrusive, classic-chic and infused with great humor. A sense of truth, realism but also lots of emotion are brought to my images through that style.  I heart spontaneity and, yes, I run all day to capture the wonderful moments that make up your wedding day. I am creative and a very determined woman. Devoted to the things I do, I started as a preschool teacher who studied Design and became a very successful User Interface Designer. Today I am a documentary wedding photographer and love it. I am available and have traveled throughout Europe for photographic assignments. In addition to weddings, I have covered other areas of photography such as travel and landscape. Born and raised in Cabinda, lived in the Sates long enough to love the country and miss it! My heart has settled in Lisbon, Portugal. For now.

Life has been a wonderful journey,


Matilde Berk

Portrait by my dear friend Luís Cerqueira.