[Colares Velho] Casamento da Olga e do Alex em Colares // Olga and Alex Destination Wedding in Colares, Portugal

A Olga e o Alex decidiram casar em Portugal porque gostam do País, do sol e da paisagem. Meteram os amigos na bagagem e vieram de Londres para fazer a festa. Casaram na Igreja de Colares e o almoço de casamento foi ali mesmo ao lado, no restaurante Colares Velho. O resto da festa foi em casa com a família e os amigos próximos.


Olga and Alex

Olga and Alex came to Portugal to get married. They love the country, the sunshine and the landscape and so they “packed” their suitcases with their best friends and family and traveled from London for the wedding. They got married in a small village named Colares. Lunch was served in a very well known restaurant just across the street from the church, which was perfect. Too bad the light did not show up that day. Yes, if don’t know Portugal you should visit us, it’s gorgeous here!


Olga getting ready

Shoes and dress


Olga arrives at the church

At the church

Colares Velho

Olga and Alex

Colares Velho

Portrait of Olga and Alex

  • Mena Dias Miranda said:

    Lindas , às fotos estão maravilhosas. Thanks for making us part of such a beautiful day Olga and Alex xxx

  • Alison Rudduck said:

    Absolutely beautiful Alex You make a stunning couple. xx

  • DiDi Pedrosa said:

    Amei...Love it! Congrats for such a Beautiful Day ; ).

  • Raquelita DM said:

    Awwww! Such nice pictures! Great day with great pictures! :)

  • Olga Maria Hay said:

    Oh My God <3<3 The photos look beautiful :) I want more please xxxx.

  • Elaine Walker said:

    Just beautiful! soo looking forward to seeing them all xx.