Marry in the month of May, you will surely love the day!

If you follow my blog, you know N&J from the post I wrote on wedding invitations. N&J were the youngest couple I have had this year. Yeay! We met many times prior to their wedding day and helped both plan the event. Sooner than we expected it arrived and we were all very happy for being there. Lots of mornas and kizombas, a day not too hot or too cold and the best light! Beautiful day indeed. A big thank-you note to the families for making us feel so welcome and appreciated. Wishing you all the best. M

The next image puts a smile on my face: N. was affraid of the bugs living in the tall grass so J. volunteered to carry her…hum…did i say that ladies should always be carried with class and glamour? I always do.
I love the next two images.

Happy brides laugh out loud!

This image was made possible by a very wet bottom. Mine of course. But by now my clients know that great images require creativity, time and love for what you are doing specially when talking about photography. So if you are a creative bride who loves photography, let’s talk!

Did I say, May has the best light? I did? Oh well, I guess I can say that again.

  • Cat said:

    Sempre no auge a fotografar sentimentos! Amei mesmo cada uma destas fotos! Parabéns e felicidades aos noivos!

  • Claudinha said:

    Que lindas e românticas! E Maio é um lindo mês para nascer e casar! :)

  • Debora said:

    Adorei cada pormenor e todas elas transmitem muito amor.
    Parabens Matilde

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