About my wedding documentaries

My style is a balance between wedding photojournalism and the illustrative approach. While there are moments of the day where a series of candid shots are registered and aimed “to tell the story,” there are others where I will place my subjects in certain settings to specifically take advantage of good lighting or backgrounds. Of course, you are always free to be yourself!

With this approach you can have the best from both worlds: you will have the candid moments but will not regret the absence of the traditional family-posed portraits. On the other hand, you take advantage of my own artistic judgment rather than just capturing a series of moments!

Each wedding receives my personal attention, and includes:

  • Pre-wedding consultation
  • Visiting to the ceremony and venue locations beforehand
  • On the wedding day: bride and groom preparations, ceremony, group shots, location portraiture, reception, meal, speeches, first dance and party
  • A private web gallery with your own event images for you and your guests to browse through
  • A DVD with a selection of the images you most like in high resolution for your own printing and personal use

Digital and traditional albums are available as add-ons.


Midweek/registry for destination Weddings in Portugal

From your ceremony to group shots and location portraiture of yourselves, a range of photographs can be done on your wedding day. For groups up to 10 people and 5 hours of photography. Weekdays only.

Engagement and Trash the Dress Sessions

Engagement sessions are not only a great collection of portraits of a couple. E-sessions are the chance for both parties, couple and photographer, to get to know each other and be comfortable around the camera. Because on the wedding day my time is limited to interact with you I absolute recommend doing this session before your w-day. Specially to people who are a bit shy and “scared of photographers”. The session is a lot of fun and you can make it even more by bringing props and letting your imagination run wild.



Trash the dress session is a wonderful way to have fun with your bridal shots! Many brides ask the inevitable question: “do we really trash the dress?” Of course not. Well, we can go as far as you want but generally a whole day of fun results in a very dirty wedding gown that can be easily dry cleaned! Scenery and ideas are discussed with clients to make the best out of this day. The goal is creating images different from the ones you have done on your wedding day. So, if you are not sure about booking your trash session, why don’t you give me a call?