Wedding in Netherlands: A&D!

It all started with a Google search. A&D were looking for their wedding invitations and they got me instead. It’s a really cool story. One of my most favorites since I started shooting wedding photography. They thought I was a Dutch photographer living in Portugal and asked if they could hire me. I told them I was a Portuguese but yes! they could hire me anyway. =) So we met each other on Skype and a couple of days later I got an email from both inviting me to their wedding. YAY! so, so cool. After a wedding in Madrid, now one in Netherlands. Very special don’t you think?

Time went by slowly. I had many wonderful weddings before A&D’s which was booked for September 10th, 2011. When the day of the trip finally arrived, I was not only  more than ready to go meet them, and see their wedding venue of course, but I was also eager for a relaxing weekend. Uh, relaxing? with a wedding? No, not really, it is more like a party weekend in Holland. Loads of fun, of course.

Anyways, two days before the wedding, we got on the plane to Amsterdam, landed there and guess what? The sky was dark gray and it was raining. $%”/*+/&%$#, not good for weddings!!! which means “wake up princess, you are not in sunny Portugal anymore!”

Went to pick up the car and…they didn’t have the one I wanted. Instead, they did have one nobody wanted: a 500 Fiat…..Pink! “What? oh no, no, no! Out of the question”, I told the lady at the frontdesk, “my clients will think I am crazy”.  She agrees and finds me Black Seat Ibiza. While making the reservation my brains, faster than me, said out loud “I changed my mind, I’ll take the pink car!” The lady gives me a huge smile and I smiled back.  Serendipity! That pink 500 Fiat will be very useful for A&D! 🙂

Got on the freeway and headed to Zutphen just to find out that my little car was like an antidepressant pill: small, colorful and a huge smile generator. Man, that little thing made everybody happy. Picture this: a very dark day on the highway, hundreds of gray, black or dark blue cars driving fast passing by… and then there was me and Gi, driving a 500 Pink Fiat. How cool is that? They were all smiling and waving at us. LOL, really made my day.

After driving for a while, we arrived at the destination to find a wonderful property with a very cozy home. The house reminded me of the gingerbread house from Hänsel and Gretel story. But this one house had no witches inside. Instead I met a wonderful young couple, A&D, their parents, the party hosts and A’s best friend, all committed to put together the most unforgettable day! And they did one amazing job. Enjoy some pictures of the wedding venue and i will bring you more of the wedding later.

I loved every minute of this experience and i would certainly do it again. Somewhere. You try me. 🙂